Are You a Marketer? Learn Why You Should Be on Reddit

For those who don’t know, Reddit can be termed as a distant planet when compared with social platforms.

You might not be familiar with the way Reddit works, and when you visit the site for the first time, it looks disjointed. Despite the way it looks, it is customized underneath and offer an experience that is powered by the engaged and thriving community.

It is unfortunate that many marketers are ignoring Reddit. The other issue is that marketers write it off with the wrong reasons where they are intimidated after the first step. The fact is that it will require more work so that to win in the Reddit community.

When you learn and you become part of the community, you will get the following advantages:

l Branding

l Driving traffic

l Testing new products

l The research interest of your audience

l Selling products

If you will keep ignoring Reddit and you are a marketer, you will fail completely. For sure, to be successful in a new platform, you will need effort in learning. Reddit will be worth your effort. Find the reasons here.

Some Reddit Statistic You Will Not Ignore

Since 2006, Reddit has been able to grow and become a billion-dollar venture. Besides, it has amazing demographics backing it.

Here are some standouts from Reddit:

l Has over 300 million monthly active users

l 44 % of users use mobile apps/web

l More than 70 % of users range from between18 -34 years

l 46 million people search every day

l Half of the searchers are in the United States

l 70 % speak English

l Average of 14 billion screen viewers monthly

l 2.8 million make comments every day

l 58 million cast votes every day

l 138,000 and more active communities

l More than 80,000 moderators

How You Will Engage on Reddit

Unlike the other social networks, Reddit has its special ways. The best thing with Reddit is that the users select the topics of interest they want to become involved in different communities. In contrast with other social platforms like Facebook where a branded content look intrusive to the users willing to catch on fuzzy animals, family, and friends.

The advantage is that as Reddit continues to grow, it offers other new features to its users.

There are the handful of basic ways that the businesses and marketers can engage:

The Post

A post from Reddit may contain video, images, links or text, and there are many ways one can use the posts to make connections with the Redditors. You should ensure that you have chosen and engaged in subreddits only that have relevance in you and the business you operate.

There is an existence of nuances around posting, it is, therefore, best if you get a sense on the culture and then know the subreddits specific rules and global guidelines before you dive in.

The Profile Pages

The profile pages are similar to the others in social platforms, where a brand is capable f having its own feed and posts, and its users will follow and send their messages to the manager of the profile.

Ask Me Anything

Subreddit has posts’ that the users can prompt other Redditors where they can ask the person who posts anything they might want. The community is popular and made more popular by those people having interest in participation.

The Sponsored Content

For the business, you can run a sponsored post on mobile apps and desktop in Reddit paying $5 per day, and they will offer advertisement at scale on the self-serve platform.


For the success at Reddit, use the right people when running and they should have intimate knowledge. Don’t forget to chose proper subreddits for participation in, and should be of relevance to your business.


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